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Summary[edit | edit source]

There are many characters in The Maw, some helpful, some neutral, but most are harmful. Six, and later The Runaway Kid, must be careful with every encounter.

Characters[edit | edit source]

  • Six - A hungry 9 year old girl who wants to escape the maw.
  • The Runaway Kid "Seven" - A 10 year old boy who look alike of Kris from deltarune

.: Secrets of the Maw

  • Nomes - Skittish and harmless, cute little fellows in the cone hats are found everywhere, they are also children turned from The Lady upon seeing her "true self."
  • Leeches - Small, slimy, black creatures that will kill a child by draining their blood.
  • The Janitor - A long armed, blind fellow, but with very sensitive hearing.
  • The Thing in the Shoe Pit - the grandpa of the game, terrifying. It burrows through the piles of shoes to get to Six and drag her under.
  • The Twin Chefs - Two non-identical bloated chefs that want to make a meal of Six.
  • The Guests - Sagging, gluttonous creatures whose sole purpose seems to be eating.
  • The Lady - Tall slender woman with the appearance of a geisha And who also turns the kid who are on the maw into nomes.
  • The Granny - Water-dwelling hag who just wants a "hug."
  • The Mysterious Girl - Someone helpful for the Kid, or just another escapee?
  • Shadow Dolls - Shadowy figures with porcelain faces, their weakness is the light.