Secrets of the Maw

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Little Nightmares:Secret of the Maw is a new DLC to further explore more unexplained locations beneath the Maw called The Depths 5 Big Black Leeches slithering to Six

When you start the first chapter, you play as The Runaway Kid and as you explore, you met the female child who also escapes himself all the way through th e Maw after a while... You saw her flashlight resting at the ground and you thought she could be dead?? Let talk about that later.. And while venture yourself through the creepy places,you meets danger.. Such as Leeches As well as the new worst enemy for your adventure, The Granny!. Well she is not that easy but to pull you from water to kill you and make sure you avoid him much by jumping through the flatform and you can distract him by throwing useless throwable things such as rotten cutted fish, ham, ball or shoes.

Survive your way through the The Depths while you venture to another chapter but gonna be released on September and I will add more interesting summaries about the other chapter when it's out. Make sure you keep an eye on it! don't worry about it now but further more it's gonna be interesting though...(I can't help but feel like this guy doesn't know english ....)

This article is a stub,You can add more  about Little Nightmares:Secrets of the Maw by helping it. Hey can anyone find like the soundtrack for the whole dlc like I love the audio that plays when you are powering up the machine in the second chapter