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"The Guests"
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The Guests are minor antagonists toward the end of Little Nightmares, first seen in Chapter 4 of The Guest Area.

Appearance and Behavior[edit | edit source]

The Guests are large, obese creatures with short, rotund bodies, possessed of off-white skin and sags of repulsive, filthy fat. Despite their tattered formal attire, they do not appear human, as their facial expressions are horrifically misshapen and disfigured, similar to that of The Twin Chefs. Some adorn themselves in porcelain masks which seem to barely stretch over their bulging, unnatural true faces, tautly concealing whatever horrific features lie beneath them. They are vicious and cannibalistic in nature, seemingly without any purpose other than to devour. They do not appear to have any higher brain functions than eating, regardless of whether their meals are living or deceased.

Summary[edit | edit source]

The Maw serves as a resort for the Guests to indulge their insatiable appetites, catering to their endless need to consume food. As a result, it would appear that all of the Guests have arrived at the Maw of their own volition, their origins hailing from unknown whereabouts separate from the ship. They are first seen boarding the Maw from what appears to be a submarine that has docked itself to the entrance, witnessed by Six from a safe distance as she attempts to make her way back inside.

As Six navigates the Maw's dining quarters, several Guests can be seen sitting at tables which have been provided with piles of meat and seafood; fish, steaks, and sausages of unknown composition, which the Guests shove whole into their dark, ravenous mouths. Six tries to avoid their attention as she passes through, but this does not work. A handful of them spot her trying to venture too near to where they sit, and begin to exhibit increasingly disturbing behavior. Those that have noticed Six lock their attention on her, no longer interested in the feast available to them, but instead the fresh meat in a yellow rain coat that has turned them erratic. They begin dropping to the floor on all fours, crawling toward the girl with appetites intent on consuming her flesh. Gurgling and grunting, their lips part to reveal gnashing teeth and wriggling tongues, and they reach out their arms in Six's direction, trying in vain to grasp at her clothing. Several more Guests become aware of this and join the confrontation, until all are tearing and climbing on top of each other in the hopes of capturing Six as their own. If they get their hands on her, Six will meet a terrible end...

Official Summary[edit | edit source]

Full to Bursting
The Guests are an essential part of The Maw’s life-cycle. Herded into the large hall, they slump into their bowing stools, and there they feed. Without taste, without need and never stop, and then they are never seen again. Strangely, The Maw seems to always appear at the same time, but never in the same place.

Possible Theories[edit | edit source]

The game never explains what the Guests' purpose is other than eating, though it is implied that the Maw uses them for a disturbing purpose that the Guests may or may not be aware of. It would appear highly plausible that the Lady brings them on board to serve as her personal cattle, fattening them up and consuming their life force in order to retain her own lifespan, powers, and/or beauty.

This may be supported via the game's finale when, after consuming the Lady and inheriting her powers, Six makes her way back through the dining hall to the Maw's exit. Several of the Guest's once again attempt to devour her, unaware of the growing darkness in the hall that has caused every form of light in the vicinity to fizzle and burn out with a sudden, deafening pop. When they try to reach out to Six again, their faces contorted in morbid hunger, their necks are suddenly snapped by an invisible, metaphysical force, leaving them motionless. A dark smoke thereafter envelopes their corpses, and is sucked in Six's direction. This may imply that while the Lady was still alive, she was murdering the Guests and devouring their souls.

It is possible that after the Guests are deceased, their bodies are cut up and used as meat, which is then consumed by other future Guests, who are either oblivious or careless that they are eating their own kind. This theory is logical, as seeing the meats that the guests devour are too large to be made from the children. Another hint of evidence is that a guest can be seen sleeping next to an area where a chef is chopping up unusually large slabs of meat. It is possible that the Chefs, in order to give the illusion that they are of the same species as the Guests, cut off and wear the faces of dead Guests after the Lady takes their life away.

Several large shoes can be seen strewn all throughout the Maw during the course of the game. As they are much bigger than Six, who is displayed as being the same size as all other children in the Maw, it is probable that these are in fact the shoes of Guests who have been murdered.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • When Six first enters the Guest Area, several guests are wearing masks that appear to be of Japanese origin.
    • This may be related to the Lady, as she also wears a mask.
      • In one of the rooms when you first interact with the guests, a guest flings their table at the entrance to get to you. However, if you stand there too long, you can actually die from being crushed by said table
        • From when you walk on the pipe after seeing the guests in Chapter 4, you can hear what appears to be a chanting, but the sound is almost impossible to decode, but

many people report it saying things like "More eating enjoy, grind and chop me up” or something along those lines.

  • One of the female guests chasing Six falls off of a ledge at the end of the Guest chase scene.

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