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'A Watchful Eye' With graceful restraint, The Lady casts the hypnotic spell that keeps the engine running. Amidst the chaos of the world outside, The Maw is the only place that makes sense, and now this rumor of an escaped child threatens everything. Nothing can be allowed to interfere. The guests must eat. The Maw must survive. - Official Description

"The Lady"
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The Lady (also referred to by fans as The Geisha) is the final antagonist of Little Nightmares, who first appears in the beginning of Six's nightmare in Chapter 1 before making a more prevalent appearance in Chapter 5. She is encountered in The Lady's Quarters, where she resides.

Appearance[edit | edit source]

The Lady is an unnaturally tall and slender woman with long, raven-black hair that she keeps partially wrapped in a bun. She is adorned in a long and dark brown kimono, which seems to trail moderately behind her when she walks. Her face is perpetually covered by a white porcelain mask that conceals her true appearance, through which two lifeless black eyes stare out. In spite of nearly all of her body being covered, the skin on her neck seems to be a pale mocha color. She is intimidatingly poised and proper in disposition, carrying herself with a sinister purpose.

Unlike the other frightening inhabitants of the Maw, who appear to be monstrous humanoids driven by an unspeakable hunger, the Lady is implied to be an ancient being of dark magic; a facet which may be supported via several mysterious shrines that can be found throughout the resort ship in her honor. Upon being confronted by Six, the Lady vanishes via a plume of deep black smoke and reappears anywhere of her choosing - regardless of distance or blockages, such as rooms whose entryways are locked. She can control matter with her mind, as displayed when she lifts Six off the ground merely by gazing at her and reaching out a hand in her direction, and can hover opposed to walking, blowing out all nearby light sources and casting entire rooms into darkness in the process. During her chase of Six, an angry, rasping wheeze can be heard emanating from her, implying either an inhuman nature, birth defect, or mutilation beneath her mask.

Personality[edit | edit source]

From what we can infer, it would seem that the Lady is extremely vain and egotistical in nature, to the point that she is willing to resort to trapping and starving children in the Maw in order to fulfill the needs of its denizens - and, consequently, herself. She is obsessed with her physical appearance, and is oftentimes seen gazing at her reflection via several cracked mirrors in her bedroom, humming an alluring, unsettling tune to herself while brushing her hair. In spite of this, she is strangely incapable of looking at her reflection in mirrors which are unbroken, as she will become burned and/or blinded by a scorching light emanating from behind the glass. It can be assumed that this greatly weakens her powers, forcing her to retreat into the shadows. As a result, every mirror in the Maw has been shattered, save for a single mirror she has kept hidden under lock and key - the only thing which can destroy her and end her wrath.

In the DLC "Secrets of the Maw", during the third and final chapter titled "The Residence", The Lady can be seen for the first time without her mask, gazing at herself in a full-body mirror from the seclusion of her personal abode. Strangely, this mirror appears to have no ill effect on her, and does not burn or blind her like the mirror Six uses to defeat her. Although the Lady seems young and beautiful, in reality, her reflection depicts another self: a hideously deformed old woman with white hair and sagging, melted-looking skin, baring a physical resemblance to The Wax Bellman or The Granny. It can be assumed that the mirror is reflecting her true age, or what she would look like if not for her feeding on the souls of the Guests to subsist her youthful appearance. After noticing the Runaway Kid trying to sneak behind her via the mirror reflection, she screams an inhuman scream, causing the lights go out and shattering the mirror. She then stalks the Runaway Kid from the shadows, hovering all around him with her mask on. After catching him, she levitates him into the air and begins to distort his anatomy with magic, ultimately re-configuring him into a Nome.

Summary[edit | edit source]

The Lady is a mysterious woman who controls The Maw.

She is first seen in the beginning of Little Nightmares in Six's dream, standing in a dark haze before slowly turning around, which causes Six to awaken in a gasp of terror. This may imply that she was the one responsible for bringing Six to The Maw in the first place, as Six would have needed to see The Lady in order to dream of her.

In Chapter 4, she can be seen watching the arrival of The Guests from a deck overlooking the entryway of the dining hall, her mask simultaneously emotionless yet off-putting in the pale daylight. While The Guests feed, she retreats back to her private quarters, where she proceeds to stroke her hair and gaze at her reflection in one of her broken mirrors, humming an eerie melody over and over. When Six smashes a vase in order to acquire the key to a peculiar locked room in her quarters, the Lady is startled and vanishes. It seems as though she is nowhere to be found, until Six uses the key to unlock the room and begins to explore its perimeter, only for the door to slam shut behind her with a sudden gust of wind. The Lady materializes from the murky darkness, hovering toward Six at an unnatural speed and voiding a frightful shriek at her. She continues to draw closer until Six escapes through a small grate in the wall, which takes her to an abandoned room full of mannequins. The Lady, unable to follow, vanishes in a puff of smoke.

After Six uncovers the Lady's one unbroken mirror, hidden away behind disintegrating wooden boards blocking a lonely room, the Lady is seen awaiting Six amidst the mannequins, her back turned to the girl but well aware of her presence. Upon being approached, she vanishes once again, and a darkness consumes the room save for a few scant traces of light, which Six stands in to protect herself; the Lady, interestingly, seems unable to cross into this light. She appears and disappears all around the girl, intent on getting close enough to harm her and reclaim her prized mirror, but is driven away with a scream of pain each time she gazes upon her reflection. She decides to hover around the child in a circle, watching the girl's every move, and attempts to throw Six off by appearing behind her and grabbing her when she least expects it. This proves to be her undoing, as Six once again turns her reflection against her, causing the Lady to wail in agony as the mirror explodes into shards of glass, knocking both she and Six into unconsciousness.

When they both awaken, Six finds the Lady panting weakly on the floor, her mask broken from the impact but her face still concealed by the long hair that has come undone from her bun. Overcome with her growing hunger, Six approaches the dying woman and, to the Lady's shock, sinks her teeth into her neck, consuming her flesh while she is still alive. With her death, her powers are transferred to Six, who becomes immersed in a thick black mist swirling all around her.

Secrets of The Maw[edit | edit source]

The Hideaway[edit | edit source]

Her only scene is at the end when the Runaway Kid ends up on the roof of an elevator, unknown that the Lady was on the exact elevator. Whether this was when Six is near the end of the Guest Area is unknown.

The Residence[edit | edit source]

The Runaway Kid manages to pass her at the beginning of the place, where she had been stroking and playing with her dolls. After finishing the puzzle of gathering certain dolls, the Lady vanishes and presumably have created 'spirit like' children to kill the Runaway Kid. She is seen near the end, as she catches the Runaway Kid and turns him into a Nome.

Possible Theories[edit | edit source]

  • A common theory is that the Lady is Six's mother. Six may have been dropped into The Prison by The Lady, either for meat or because, in the Lady's opinion, Six was prettier than her. Around the Lady's Quarters, many portraits of what appears to be Six can be found, and there is a large portrait in the Guests' dining quarters of what appears to be Six and the Lady standing together.
  • It has since been confirmed by Tarsier Studios that Six and The Lady are not related.[1] This may mean that portraits of what were believed to be Six could in fact be the Runaway Girl, or another unidentified child. It is also possible that while not family to each other, Six and The Lady had some type of relationship prior to the events of the game, as demonstrated by Six dreaming of The Lady and becoming visibly distressed in her presence.
  • The Lady shows more of her obsession with wanting to be prettier than everyone by overseeing the Guests at the entrance, and taking satisfaction in their ugliness. It can be inferred from the game's final scene, in which Six possesses the Lady's powers after consuming her, that the Lady was using her magic to take the Guests' souls away after they were fattened and fed. It is assumed that the more they eat, the more life force she gains from them, and the younger she stays.
  • In The Kitchen, Six can come across a hidden room containing many portraits of the Lady. One portrait in particular appears to be The Lady with one large eye at the center of her face. Not much is known about the picture, though it has since been confirmed that this is not The Lady's true appearance. It is possible that this photo is merely a representation of how she sees everything in The Maw, via the enchanted eyes which guard the Prison and petrify escapees into stone.
  • In “The Residence”, the Lady turns the Runaway Kid into a Nome. It can be assumed that she is responsible for creating all of the Nomes in the Maw. Her reasons for doing this are unknown, though it's possible that all children that have been turned into Nomes are children that saw her without her mask, and therefore were transformed by the Lady to prevent them from revealing to anyone what they saw.
  • In "The Residence", it is revealed that the Lady possesses many porcelain dolls which resemble children; she uses her magic to animate them and bring them to life. The melody she hums also strongly brings to mind a lullaby. These facts could suggest a fondness or love for children, which greatly contrasts with the purpose of The Maw and the way she treats any children who cross her way. It is possible that the Lady is either incapable of bearing children of her own, lost a child of her own at some point, or tries to create makeshift children because her duties to the Maw - and thus, retaining her own beauty - come first above anything else.
  • There is a photo in the Lady's Quarters of the Lady standing in front of four other geishas turned facing her direction. Not much is known about this photo.
  • It is possible that The Granny is the mother of The Lady, as the two bare a striking resemblance to each other. The Granny may have been the geisha who controlled The Maw prior to The Lady, but could have been overthrown and banished to the sewers by her daughter for unknown reasons - possibly because the Granny posed a threat to the Lady retaining her eternal youth.
  • The mirror that she possesses (and destroyed) maybe enchanted, which is making her believe that she is ugly. it is also speculated that it may connect from the Little Nightmares comic series, where a couple of mirrors shows the viewer on what they want.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • It takes Six exactly six times to defeat The Lady with the unbroken mirror.
  • Six may have some relation to the lady. Evidence may be shown in Concept art, where a picture or sketch of five children is shown. Six may be the sixth child.
  • Her actions are related to the Evil Queen from Snow White. Who wants Snow White (Six) dead to become the "Fairest of them All". This also relates from "The Residence", where she views her reflection to a mirror (which might be magic) and it shows that she isn't the fairest.

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