The Lady's Quarters

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"The Lady's Quarters"
The Lady's Quarters.jpg

The Lady's Quarters is a location in Little Nightmares.

Summary[edit | edit source]

The Lady's Quarters is the last location for Six to explore in Little Nightmares and is the private quarters of The Lady.

Plot[edit | edit source]

Six enters an elevator which takes her to the Lady's Quarters, which then continues to search for an escape route. She then finds the Lady standing in front of a broken mirror, humming and stroking her hair, and finds more broken mirrors as she navigates the area. Upon sneaking across the Lady, she stumbles to her room, and breaks a vase. Suddenly, the Lady stops singing and vanished off, and left in the broken vase was a key to open a door nearby the stairs. As soon as Six heads into the room, the door closes, and she finds herself getting chased by the Lady. Eventually, she finds a mirror and defeats the Lady in combat. Six, who is now hungry, walks up to the weakened Lady, who is lying helplessly on the floor and begins to feast on her, absorbing her powers in the process. Six uses her newfound powers to get past the Guests blocking the exit. As she walks out the exit of the Maw, the Nomes that she has befriended during her escape look at her helplessly.

Official Summary[edit | edit source]

While the guests indulge beneath her feet, The Lady retires to her private quarters. Little is known of this place, for none have ever dared approach it, but if The Maw had a heart, it would have lived here.