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The "Runaway Kid" or " Seven" by other fans, is the main protagonist of the Little Nightmares DLC: Secrets of the Maw, where he ventures through the lower depths of the ship while avoiding monsters like The Granny, Leeches, and The Janitor.

Appearance[edit | edit source]

He has light skin and dark brown hair that seems to be shaggy in some places and a bit long thus covering his eyes. He seems to have pale darkish grey eyes. He wears dark blue pants and a worn and faded blue long-sleeved shirt. He doesn't wear any kind of footwear, but has a chain and cuff on his right ankle.

Like all characters and creatures in The Maw, The Runaway Kid has no dialogue.

Summary[edit | edit source]

The Depths[edit | edit source]

The Runaway Kid awakens from a dream in which he is pulled beneath the murky water and drowned. He wakes to the empty nursery room in the Prison. Soon after he leaves and makes his way down to the lower depths of The Maw. The Runaway Kid follows a female child who has escaped and they both make their way past the Eye. The female child soon vanishes (she is implied to have been attacked or eaten by the Leeches) but leaves behind her flashlight, which The Runaway Kid picks up. Soon he finds himself in the flooded Depths of the Maw.

As he makes his way further below, he has to avoid the clutches of The Granny, who begins stalking him underwater, while he runs through room after flooded room. Eventually, the Granny begins attacking the platforms The Kid uses to cross the water, leaving him few options to escape. Eventually, he does away with The Granny by pushing a functioning television into the water, electrocuting her.

The Runaway Kid finally makes his way above, only to be captured by the Janitor, who locks him away. (At this point, Six can be seen locked in a nearby cage). The Runaway Kid is last seen being dragged away in his cage by The Janitor.

The Hideaway

After escaping the clutches of the Janitor, The Runaway Kid attempts to make his way further up The Maw. He then finds himself enlisting the help of the Nomes, who he needs to power a furnace to the elevator running for his escape.

As The Runaway Kid needs a number of Nomes to power the furnace. He explores The Maw, befriending the Nomes, and uses them to solve puzzles throughout the ship. While exploring, The Runaway Kid gains access to the giant eye monitor with visual access to the rest of the Maw, and Six can be seen on one of the screens making her way through the room full of shoes. After solving these puzzles, The Nomes the Runaway Kid have gathered enough power to raise the coal lift. The Kid disembarks on the lift to be raised to the level above.

The coal lift takes the Runaway Kid to what appears to be a hideaway for the Nomes, gathered around the heat and light of a furnace. The shadows cast by the Nomes from the furnace reveal the shadows of children, which hints at the fact that Nomes are actually children who The Lady transformed.The Kid leaves the Nomes and continues on with his journey.

After leaving the Nomes, the Runaway Kid travels through the Maw, only to fall on top of a moving platform. A platform that is revealed to be the roof of an elevator, carrying The Lady.

The Residence

The Runaway Kid finds himself in The Lady's house and he has to look through the house for four specific statues. The main enemy is the lady, but there are some surprise attacks from characters called Shadow Children. After finding the statues and placing them in their respective spots, a door opens and Runaway Kid walks through to find himself in a dimly lit room with broken mirrors. After walking through a broad doorway, ragged breathing can he heard from farther down the hallway. After walking down the hallway, Runaway Kid stands outside of a room with The Lady looking into a mirror. Her true form is shown through the reflection, and when Runaway Kid tries to walk past, she sees him and lets out an inhumane scream, shattering the mirror. The room is engulfed in darkness, and Runaway Kid has to try and escape. He comes to a room filled with mannequins, and The Lady can be seen gliding between the mannequins and watching him, then exiting through a doorway. After Runaway Kid follows her, and explores two more rooms, a door can be heard creaking open. Runaway kid exits back into the hallway where The Lady catches him and distorts his body, turning him into a Nome.

Runaway Kid wakes up as a Nome and exits the room. He walks past a few eating guests, and finds himself in a room with a few other Nomes, and a sausage. The DLC ends with Runaway Kid standing over the sausage, which implies that he is the Nome that offers a sausage to Six.

Timeline[edit | edit source]

  • During the Depths, The Runaway Kid follows a female child who climbs down from a window using a rope made of sheets. In the main story, Six uses the same rope to climb in through the window. This shows that the Runaway Kid and the female child must have escaped before Six's story begins.
  • When the Kid is captured by The Janitor, Six can be seen in a nearby cage. This connects to a point in the main game where Six is trapped by The Janitor. So, the female child couldn't have escaped that long before Six's story begins.
  • At the end of the Hideaway, The Kid is seen on top of an elevator carrying The Lady towards where we see her overlooking The Guests, a scene Six encounters in the main story. Therefore, The Kid's story begins just before Six's does, and intertwines throughout. However, as The Runaway Kid isn't seen at all during the main story, it can be concluded that something happened to him before Six reached the Lady's Quarters. That something is most likely the Lady turning him into a Nome.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • It is speculated that Runaway Kid can communicate with the Nomes.
  • Runaway Kid is widely believed to be the Nome that Six ate. This is supported by the fact that he is standing over the sausage at the end of the game.
  • Unlike Six who uses a lighter to get around places within the Maw, the Runaway Kid uses a flashlight.
  • It is theorized that he gave Six a piece of bread when she was hungry.