The Twin Chefs

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With a love of violence and a feeling for meat, the twins were born to be chefs. As they shuffle across the cold floor, chopping, mincing, preparing the feast, the Twin Chefs sense something that makes their skin itch. A dirty, unwelcome presence. Vermin will not be tolerated in the kitchen. - Official Description

"The Twin Chefs"
The Twin Chefs.png

The Twin Chefs are one (or two) of the antagonists in Little Nightmares of Chapter 3 in The Kitchen.

Summary[edit | edit source]

The Twin Chefs are enemies of Six in Little Nightmares. They've been the focus of several promotional videos and images, and are usually seen attacking Six, who is often sneaking through their kitchen. The Chefs seem to be the cooks for The Maw as a whole. Like the rest of the inhabitants of the Maw, they do not speak; they only grunt and scream when seeing Six.

The two can usually be found in their kitchen preparing meals and bickering over one another's mishaps and failures, however what they lack in organization and intelligence they more than make up for with brute strength and speed.

Six encounters them in the third chapter of the game, having to crawl under tables to make sure they do not see her. Most of their personal furniture seems to be stitched together, such as their beds, photos and even toilets. It is revealed that their faces are in fact masks, but it is unknown what lies underneath. They are extremely hostile toward Six, seeing her as a rat in the kitchen that needs to be exterminated. They chop up old guests to make more food, and then start the cycle over again.

One of the chefs makes a cameo around the Guest Area.

Strategy[edit | edit source]

Since they are quite slow moving when unobservant of Six, it is quite easy to move past them and hide under tables or other hiding places. However, if they do see Six, you'll be given a three second time limit (indicated via a heartbeat) to hide somewhere. The Chefs will chase you and are a lot faster than Six sprinting. If you can find a hiding place that is below their field of vision, you can easily outwit them. With long or large hiding places, the Chefs may attempt to reach under and grab Six. If so, go to the opposite end of the hiding place, or whilst they're distracted find another hiding place.

Possible Theories[edit | edit source]

A possible theory is that the Lady that Six harnesses the ability of "life essence" consumption from, was able to do this to the gluttonous visitors of the Maw. She would consume the life essence and have the corpses disposed of. With this, the Chefs used two corpses believed to be from fellow visitors to make the masks, or possibly body suits who had their life essence taken by the Lady. The model structure of the masks fits accurately to designs of a few of the visitors models that you see when running through the dining area.another theory is that the chefs are manikins that are animated by The Lady. That, however is just a theory. A anonymous theory!

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Both Chefs appear as a costume for Big Toggle to wear in Little Big Planet 3's "Little Nightmares Asset Pack", another game Tarsier Studios worked in.
  • They appear to be wearing masks, as one can be seen sticking his hand up under his face at times feeding themselves a scrap of meat as he works. What is under said masks has yet to be revealed (probably similar to their mask).
  • The Twin Chefs appear to be the only monsters within the Maw that Six or the Runaway Kid did not kill or injure.
  • Their appearances may have been inspired by Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum from the Alice in Wonderland novel.